The course for ages: 5th-8th grade



In this class the students will be learning the future tense, expanding the knowledge on preposition, learning the gerund and adding complex sentence connectors - causal, time, consequential.

Introduction to passive sentences, reading more complex texts and learning noun conjugation, nominal verb forms and conditional sentences. Graduating this class level the students will be familiar with most structures of the language.


Group will open with Min of 4, Max of 8 students




Advanced Hebrew

  • How to begin

    You will receive an email with Zoom link  and all the information you need for the classes, once you have completed the payment process.



  • Length

    30 minutes

  • Age

    5th-8th grade

  • Days

    Monday and Wednesday 1/10 - 6/1 

    37 classes 

  • Hours

    6:00-6:30 pm CT