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Ulpan Aleph Adult - In Person

Ulpan Aleph Adult - In Person

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Aleph : The breakthrough level. Learning the alphabet, cursive and block letters ,the present tense, basic conversational skills, building verbal and

nominal sentences as well as useful questions.


Aleph + : Expansion of the skills acquired in Aleph– adding the infinitive and learning all verb categories in the present tense. In addition we learn the basics of the past tense and start reading more complex texts.


Aleph ++ : We continue with the past tense in all verb categories, add more advanced sentence structures , modals verbs and learn how to conjugate preposition correctly.

  • Ulpan Shemesh Houston TX



  • Length

    1 hour and 30 min  

  • Age

    Adult 18+

  • Days


  • Hours

    10:30-12:00  pm CT

  • Number of classes

    20 classes 

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