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In Hebrew, “shemesh" translates to sun. At Shemesh e-Learning, we believe that when the sun shines, students smile. We want to surround each student with attention and warmth - just like sunshine - individually supporting their learning experience, with all the necessary patience and care.


Shemesh e-Learning offers a comprehensive Hebrew program for small groups (up to 8 students per class) of adults and children, through camps, off-campus workshops, professional development, and coaching for Hebrew language teachers.


What makes Shemesh e-Learning unique? Our focus on conversational Hebrew! Our goal is for you to feel comfortable, confident, and “sababa” speaking Hebrew. 


Every one of our students feels part of the Shemesh family. Not only are they learning Hebrew, they are experiencing the culture and warmth that comes with the language.


Our One on One is the perfect match for those who want to learn how to speak, read and more importantly how to think in Hebrew. With Shemesh eLearning  , you can do this in real time that is suited to your schedule. So don’t hesitate and book now Via WhatsApp!

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Shalom, my name is Rinat Alatin. I am an entrepreneur, educator, and mother of three beautiful girls. I have always dreamed of creating my own Hebrew learning center, which fosters a welcoming, vibrant, and fun environment for my students to learn and grow. My passion for teaching and mentoring started in Israel, where I obtained a master's degree in special education and was a special needs teacher. 


Born and raised in Israel, I always strive to incorporate my experiences into my work by creating a fun, Israeli vibe. As the founder of Shemesh E-Learning, my goal is for students to succeed in their Hebrew language studies, and to feel comfortable and confident communicating with others. We want you not only to speak Hebrew we want you to experience Hebrew!


I always dream big! I love to laugh, dance, travel, explore, and spend time with loved ones. I am heavily involved in Houston’s Jewish community, serving as the chairwoman of Israeli Scouts and volunteering with Larger than Life. I am a huge advocate for Israel, my beautiful home. My passion is to connect the younger generation to their Jewish heritage and to Israeli culture through the Hebrew language.

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Roni Werdeshaim


Rinat Alatin

Founder and manager

Hebrew teacher

Mickaela Maimon 


Shiri Bruchstein

Hebrew teacher

וואו!! איזה יופי!

הרעיונות שלך פשוט מדהימים וההשקעה בבנות היא מעל ומעבר...

פשוט מורה בחסד! אין עליך!

זה מעורר הערצה והבנות מתות עליך ועל השיעורים 


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